Writing For Everyone!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, first of all I have been away from my blog for a few weeks thanks to one car accident and a crazy class at UNLV that just about sent me over the edge! It's been a hectic few weeks but I'm out of school for about a month so things should be back to normal....I HOPE!

Anyway, here are just a few ways I include everyone in my class during writing. Most of my kids are able to write but I have one with CP and another with very low muscle tone who can not grasp a pencil very well. I love the Intellikeys which is in the photo above. I have my student write whatever the rest of the class is but he used the keyboard as it is easier for him to push the buttons than use a pencil. My other little guy is using stamps. I have to make the paper ahead of time but it's not that much work. Finally, the rest of my class is LOVING my new "sentence helpers". They have really helped my student become more independent in their writing. I sell them in my store for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can find them here.....Sentence Helpers.

Happy Sunday and I will be back to post my Sunday Fun-Day Freebie soon!!!

Easy Sentence Strip Center Idea!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

These index strip cards are an excellent center idea! Before cutting the strips I write up to 5 different complete sentences. Then I cut them and put them in a plastic bag. The students sort the cards by color which helps them form a correct sentence. Once the sentences are formed they re write the sentences on a piece of paper.

Guest Blogger

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
I am excited to say that I will be a guest blogger for Autism Classroom News   this Sunday. The topic will be ULS (Unique Learning Systems).

In other news I start my next class tomorrow at UNLV so life will be pretty hectic for the next three weeks!

Oh, and out of the blue I have an interview tomorrow for a new position. Same area of teaching but it would be in middle school. I'm excited but nervous. Yikes!

Classroom Reward Behavior System!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Classroom Store

This is my little classroom "store". I use it for a variety of purposes but mainly it is one of the positive reinforcers for my students. Just to the left you see a blue chart with green tickets. It hard to see but the student names are on their so I didn't want it to be totally visible. Students are able to earn tickets at any time. I chose this method because in years past I found that letting them keep the tickets in their desk was too much of a distraction .This was with myself or the student can place the ticket next to their name and then it's no longer in their desk to fidget with! :) It's hard to see but just to the left of the shoe holder ( store) are numbers. If they have 3 tickets they choose from the top row, 5 tickets the next row, and so on. Of course the high price items are on the bottom. So far in using this system I have taught my students name recognition, counting, making purchases all while at the same time reinforcing positive behavior! What I never expected to happen was for my students to discover the concept of saving. I have a few students who have chosen NOT to spend their tickets on Friday and have decided to save their tickets one more week in order to be able to "buy" and item that costs more tickets. What a break through! Typically my kids are all about immediate gratification but some are actually opting to wait until they have enough! Love it! I found this shoe holder at Bed Bath and Beyond. They do have them at Walmart but when I went the holder was not totally transparent and it was important to me that the plastic was clear so that they could see the items inside.

Class Data Bulletin Board

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello! Well,  I know it's the end of the year but I finally took my data forms and made a "data wall". This is only my first version and I am already planning what next year's wall will look like. Each of my student's has an IEP and per my principal they all have behavior plans ( even though I don't really think they all need one). So.....having 8 clip boards with data sheets is just NOT practical. I use my IEP Complete Binder Kit for Goals & Benchmark data but I decided to make this wall so that even my SPTA's ( paraprofessionals) will be able to jot down behavioral data. I put each of their pictures on their as well as their names and then a few different types of functional data sheets in each file for easy access. Some require data to be taken daily while others only once a week. Either way it's hard to miss and keeps me on track with data. I think next year I will also add copies of goals and benchmarks in here so that if anyone else is in my room they can quickly see what my students levels are and possibly work on their goals with them. Anyway, this is my first attempt at a behavioral data wall and I'de love to see what others have put together. Have a great week! 

The names and faces were blurred or blacked out for confidentiality.