Field Day 2013!

These are a few pictures from Field Day yesterday! It was so much fun and I had some wonderful volunteers that were amazing! We have such a great team that really goes above and beyond to make sure that my class is included. 

This day was a success but lately I have been having some issues with my school including my students in activities they should absolutely be included in. This makes me wonder if other schools experience the same thing and how they handle it. Here is my example.......

So, all of the 5th graders were invited to a training to prepare them for the transition to middle school yet the person in charge failed to invite my 3 5th graders. This really upset me. They are more than capable of attending and comprehending and need this just as much if not more than all of the other kids. Grrr....made me so mad. Crazy thing is before I taught special ed, I wonder if I had the same thought process? Special ed has taught me and continues to teach me every day. I feel like I really need to advocate for these kids. I would love to hear how others handle this type of situation. 

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