ABC order the "FUNctional" way!

I am always striving to teach my students a combination of academics with functional skills. Since my kiddos struggle with alphabetical order, I bought these filing sets from Office Depot to use during our vocational AND reading time. They are so fun, the kids LOVE them and they really work! Over time, the kids see and remember the order of the letters and since the file goes front to back it really reinforces the alphabetical order concept! Take a peek! 

Start with any type of alphabetical filing system. This is what I used but really there are many different kinds.

You can use ANY letters. I used upper and lower case letters!

As you can see you can also file by numbers or months! SO many options!

Also great for fine motor skills! Filing is such a useful skill!

These make such a fun and effective station in my room and the kids really enjoyed it!


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  2. Thank you for this idea. I am actually taking it and using it for beginning sounds within ULS. They will have to file the pictures based on the first letter. Thanks for being the inspiration for the idea.

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