A few years ago I got really tired of running around the room whenever I needed to assess my students. I decided to put all of the manipulatives that I might need in one place. You can use any type of container you want, but I found this super cool toolbox that I LOVE! I found this one on Amazon and it was really inexpensive! You can find it HERE! I also have another one very similar from Home Depot. You can really use any plastic container, but this toolbox keeps everything super organized!  I can take it around the room to test each student. I also include student folders with data recording sheets and assessment tracking sheets. I bring all of it with me for documentation and recording. It's also great to keep any work samples to bring to the IEP or to review when writing IEP progress reports! Not every student will need everything that's in the box but I tried to make it as complete as possible for all students. 


The way I figured out what to put in the toolbox was to first gather all of the student IEP goals. I always kept mine in data folders with ONLY the goals and data forms. This way you don't have to fumble through the entire IEP looking for the goals. You will find that many students may have the same goals, so you would only need to include one clock or one set of coins to use with multiple students. Most of these items will already be in your classroom or are pretty easy to make, but I have included links to a few items from my store and some great FREEBIES!

Here are some of the items that I included: 

  • NUMBERS (for identification and/or writing)
  • COUNTING CUBES (can also be used for patterns)
  • POSITIONAL WORD CARDS (can also use actual pieces for kids who need it)

NAME PRACTICE (for both writers and non-writers)- I use letters with and without a model for my non-writers. These are just plastic pencil boxes where I store the letters for the student's name. 

For my writers, I LOVE this sheet with dates so that you can see the progress through the entire year. I use this as a student work sample and to show parents during an IEP! You can find this name sheet in my assessment pack. 


These are really the foundation of the toolbox. I first put all of the goals in the folders and then added assessment sheets and data forms. That way it was all right there when we needed it! Both my para and I made sure these were pre-filled. You can find some editable data forms and assessments here>>DATA FORMS AND ASSESSMENTS

Again, it really depends on your class IEP goals, but by filling the toolbox ahead of time you will not waste so much time running around the room looking for items to use to assess your students. You can just grab the box and go to where the student is or pull them to a table, or whatever works best for you. 

These pencil pouches are great for many IEP goal assessments and they each come with half page assessment sheets that fit right in the pouch. Just make multiple copies and store them right in the pouch. You can find the ALPHABET TRACING set for FREE HERE

  • scissors for cutting assessments along with printed circles, shapes, and squares for cutting. YOU CAN GRAB A FREE CUTTING ASSESSMENT HERE. 
  • tongs for fine motor
  • shapes and colors 
  • WH questions with data sheets (FREE)
  • pencils, dry-erase markers
  • visuals
  • writing paper for writing goals
  • calculator 
  • reinforcers! 
Don't forget to bring a few reinforcers for students who may be a bit reluctant to show you what they know! I used stickers or snacks, but you know your kids and what will motivate them! :)


  1. Awesome idea! I usually bring my students to my table where my supplies are but, never thought about if a student doesn't want to come over how handy this might be. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I usually bring my students to me as well, but have to search each time for things I will need. This is a great idea for keeping it all together!

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