How Do You Assess Your Students??

A few years ago I got really tired of running around the room whenever I needed to assess my students. I decided to put all of the manipuatives that I might need in one place. For now, it's in this very basic box. I can take it around the room to test each student. I also use a class binder that has data recording sheets and assessment tracking sheets. I bring the binder with me as well for documentation and recording. Not every student will need everything that's in the box but I tried to make it as complete as possible for all students. 

Assessment Box

Contents of Assessment Box

Here is a list of the items I keep in my assessment box: 
  • upper/lower case letters of alphabet
  • number cards and grid
  • cubes for counting ( 1:1 correspondence)
  • clock
  • coins
  • shapes
  • weather pictures/clothing pictures
  •  (I use this to test when to wear certain types of clothing)
  • Dolch sight words
  • scissors to assess cutting skills
  • stickers as motivators


  1. Awesome idea! I usually bring my students to my table where my supplies are but, never thought about if a student doesn't want to come over how handy this might be. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I usually bring my students to me as well, but have to search each time for things I will need. This is a great idea for keeping it all together!