WH Question Assessment Sticks!

 WH Question Craft Sticks!


Color Coded Craft Sticks!

These are such a quick and easy way to assess student knowledge of WH questions. Simply tape the strips onto jumbo colored craft sticks. You can place the questions answered correctly in one pile and those answered incorrectly in another. Based on the colors you will have a good idea of what questions a student needs more assistance with. Students won't even know they are being assessed.

I used packing tape because it looks GREAT and it's SUPER durable!

You could also print the strips on colored paper and then tape to plain wood craft sticks!

I've also included an assessment sheet for easy tracking of WH questions!


There are ten of each question!


  1. I love using craft sticks in the classroom. Thank you for another idea about how to use them!

  2. You’re blogging again!!! 😀🤗😀

  3. A nice place to learn DIY stuff. Great

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