Data Forms and Assessments


Data folders have been a HUGE help in managing data in the classroom! It also makes writing the IEP so much easier with up to date information, student work samples, and goal progress! 

The first thing that I do, is take the goals and benchmarks from the IEP and put them in clear page protectors. I put those in a cheap plastic three prong folder (see above). That way anytime you or your paras need to see the current goals, you don't have to fumble through the entire IEP. You can see only the goals and benchmarks. NOTE: Make sure every time you hold an IEP that you update the new goals in the folder! 

Then on the left side of the folder I include data forms that align with what type of data is required in the IEP. Some use trials and some use percentage so I just make sure that I include what types of data sheets I need i.e. duration, frequency, goal monitoring, etc. Make multiple copies to save time later. 


On the right side of my folder I include assessments that I will need to measure student progress. Some might be in paper format but there are other items you will most likely need to have on hand such as counters, alphabet letters, shapes, clocks, coins, reading passages, scissors for fine motor assessments,  etc. For my non-writing students I created an assessment box that contained everything I needed to measure their current goals. Having it ALL handy and in one place really allows you to be consistent about collecting data! 

You can find multiple data sheets and or assessments including many that are editable here: EDITABLE DATA FORMS AND ASSESSMENTS

Happy data gathering!

Miss J

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